Patriot Shield, co-founded by the same team as Veteran HempCo, entered the world of CBD logistics after receiving multiple requests from farms and brokers to provide secure transportation. These first clients had realized they’d been actually getting robbed by major, traditional transportation companies! The grey area in which CBD products seem to remain, has cast a gloom over the industry in regards to safe and secure delivery, creating a significant bottleneck.

With years of experience in high value asset management and secure transportation of legal marijuana across the country, Patriot Shield has taken a unique approach to CBD transportation and is the first logistics company in the nation focused on CBD as well as medical and recreational marijuana.

Partnered with one of the most successful supply chain and asset management firms in the world, Patriot Shield offers the most advanced and secure CBD product delivery system in the country. With proprietary tagging and tracking technologies utilizing advanced Remote Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags, Patriot Shield is able to give its clients real-time notifications of various data sets on the product during transit.

Because of the threat of loss through traditional mailing options, all orders with VHC between $100,000 and $500,000 in value will require the buyer to either purchase Secure Transportation through Patriot Shield or sign an additional waiver of liability, further releasing any claims to a product guarantee. All orders over $500,000 in value will receive their initial delivery free of charge and an agreeable transportation schedule and fee structure will be arranged for any recurring orders.

If your company has experienced inconsistencies with shipping CBD products in the past, please reach out to Patriot Shield today and get a customized quote to ensure the Secure Transportation of your products!