It all starts with genetics. In 2019 every farmer we worked with had some horror story about bad seeds, starts, or even clones that turned out to be just ugh.. So we decided to help.


We’ve seen hemp farms with the biggest budgets and the best CBD genetics still fail without a planting plan. Hempin’ ain’t easy and we understand the hurdles of the hemp industry. So we did something about it and came up with a plan.

Our CBD hemp starts will be one of the most cost effective options for the 2020 hemp planting season. Find out what we have up our sleeve.

In 2019 we moved over 4 million hemp starts & clones. We know hemp. We know genetics.

CBG is a hot topic in the marketplace and if you’re following, you’ve surely heard of this cannabinoid.  One of the most sought after hemp strains for the 2020 season, both from consumer markets as well as from farmers looking for new options with major potential compliance changes coming and the new smokable market which is craving this genetic. This cannabinoid is known for its potential health benefits and the strains producing it typically have dense, uniform buds, rich with terpenes and trichomes, making a beautiful hemp product.

The USDA is looking at further restricting THC limits with hemp from the current standards set by the 2018 Farm Bill stating that all hemp must be under .3% Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Now it seems, more than just the Δ-9 (delta-9) will be taken into consideration and that percentage will be combined with some portion of the delta-8 and THCa molecules for a much higher potential “Total THC.” This creates a major concern for farmers who have already had issues staying compliant in the past. Already we’re seeing stricter purchase orders from the processing and manufacturing labs we work with in preparation for the upcoming regulation changes. Now say hello to our “Compliant CBD” seeds that are proven to stay below the .3% Total THC limit in nearly any situation or climate.

Auto Flowers are a cross breed of the cannabis plant that will “automatically” begin its flowering period vs waiting for a typical, lighting timed cycle. This is perfect for farmers in more southerly areas looking to potentially harvest more than once a year. These plants are typically short, stalky plants with very uniform growth patterns making it easy for commercial farming. Because these are typically a smaller plant, more per acre are required to gain a proper cover, however, this is offset by the low cost we can secure these seeds for. Our Auto Flowers have years of history and proven production with nearly 100% feminization rate.

If you’re planning on growing from seed, anything but feminized is taking quite the risk as we saw over and over with last year’s crops. Even the biggest farm crews couldn’t keep up with all the work required with pulling male crops from the field. The male plants will produce seed and pollinate the rest of the crops until every bud is seeded out and very difficult to work with. For smokable, it’s almost an immediate non-starter and with oil, it adds an extra step to remove the seed, tightening the margins on an already increasing expensive crop.

Patriot Shield, our parent company, was one of the first national transporters in the hemp space, specifically, involved in transporting genetics. In 2019, Patriot Shield moved nearly 5,000,000 baby hemp plants across the US and met a large portion of the genetics providers in the industry. Also, with the distribution arm of Veteran HempCo, we’re seeing which crops performed and can now, very confidently push our preferred hemp seed partners knowing they have a high rate of success. Call today to get direct connections to the best genetics at some of the best prices on the market.



If you’re farming hemp in 2020, I don’t care if it’s your first year or not, we should talk genetics. Our company moved over 5 million baby hemp plants last spring and have moved over a million dry pounds since harvest. We’ll introduce you directly to the geneticists themselves and get to the bottom of any question you have. 


You can buy our most expensive seeds but if you don’t have a plan on how you’re getting them into the ground, you’re still screwed. We’ve partnered with the best commercial hemp farming operators in the space to bring a real, cost effective planting solutions to our farmers. We’re selling more than just seeds. We have a plan.


If you’re in a position to drop top dollar, why not ensure the success of your crop with guaranteed viable plants that are guaranteed to be female. With hemp clones, you can’t beat the sureness of your crop. Even geographically tuned, these will be winners gents, just add water and see what happens.