Our story began with just a few veterans eager to find a new home in a growing industry. Initially, we all found our nook in the American Cannabis Industry on the Security side of things.

After founding, growing, and selling multiple Cannabis Security companies, we adapted our talents and hard earned knowledge of Cannabis Businesses into a far more product focused role.

We began offering our sales, marketing and business development consulting to burgeoning cannabis industries to enable our clients to expand their platform and sell more product.

Eventually, we decided that our passion for improving the standard and accessibility of cannabis products needed a more direct approach. ​

And so we founded Veteran Hemp Company.

Any young market is bound to have problems, and the rapidly growing cannabis market is no exception. CBD products offered today are poorly regulated and as such, it can be incredibly difficult to find high quality CBD from consistent suppliers. Until now.

Veteran HempCo was founded with the mission to provide quality, American made wholesale CBD products to health, wellness and beauty businesses across the nation.

With our CBD products all going through proper laboratory testing, you can rest assured that everything we securely deliver to you will be the absolute best you’ll find.

We believe in the proven positive effects of CBD. And we know that CBD products of the past have been far from perfect.

We’re here to fix that.