Farmers around the country planted acres upon acres of hemp in the 2019 season. A massive harvest is now taking place. Growers in every region are finally realizing that hemp is a manually intensive crop. The extreme physical labor required for a successful operation has caught many farmers by surprise this season. Many may have struggled throughout the season but, things are about to wrap up for those who made it this far.

While most farmers were confident in their logistics to finish out the season, many more are realizing the difficulties in implementing a successful harvest plan. Success may seem so close for those ready to harvest but the truth is, without a proper harvest plan, all could still be lost. Cannabis is a delicate plant and needs to be handled as such. Failure is closer than you think for farms that have little to no infrastructure set up for transportation, storage, drying, curing, and trimming. CBD rich smokable flower needs to be taken down and processed properly in a small window of time. Without appropriate infrastructure, the profitability can dramatically decrease and even crash entirely. No farmer wants to hear his “potential crop profit” go from millions to thousands, or thousands to hundreds. This is the reality of hemp. Logistics can make or break any industry and hemp is no different.

Finding efficient, realistic solutions, especially this late in the season, can prove extremely difficult. When you have it all on the line and the clock is ticking – credible and available resources become immensely valuable. Recognizing a major industry pain point, Patriot Shield is aiming to assist farmers with many harvest support services including:

  • Secure Storage & Secure Transports
  • Coordination of Flower Harvest
  • Product Drying
  • Bucking, shucking, trimming and other material preparation
  • Curing, storing and packaging
  • Wholesale & tolling opportunities through lab partnerships with Veteran HempCo

Come harvest season, Patriot Shield offers a variety of services aimed to help the farmer focus on finishing out his season and preparing for next year. With flexible dates and options, Patriot Shield will pick up harvested hemp directly from farms to be transported in agricultural containers in our refrigerated trucks and bring it back to our Hemp Hubs located across the country for processing prep and extraction.

We offer an extensive list of available services to the hemp industry and want to see those fields succeed just as much as the farmer themselves. We are here to support the farmers first throughout the season with our year round services. We also recognize that harvest time can bring in the most dramatic unforeseen and unplanned circumstances.

Harvested hemp can even be delivered directly to the lab of the farmers choice, or it can be kept in secure storage until a destination is established. Patriot Shield can even assist the farmer in securing the highest dollar possible by pushing their products directly using our own network and lab partnerships.

Farming hemp isn’t an easy task and ending the season with quality products takes a dedicated team. Let Patriot Shield do what they do best – ensure your crop gets to where it needs to be in a safe, secure, and timely fashion. From serving our country to serving our community – your success is our success too.

Written By: Natasha Winkler