Veteran HempCo has always emphasized taking care of America’s hemp farmers, and have done our best to put our farming clients in touch with the right people to ensure their product can bring them the best possible yield. Well now, thanks to our new partnership with Hempology Partners, we can offer a start-to-finish model for any of our farmers that want to keep things simple and start getting paid quickly.

Hempology has been in the hemp / CBD processing business for over 4 years, and has a proprietary method of creating the industry’s highest quality, most bio-available CBD products on the market. Their products have been proven to be effective through brain-mapping, giving empirical data to show the positive effects that CBD can have on the brain when absorbed the right way, biologically.

This new partnership with Hempology allows us to offer a much broader spectrum of services that can be purchased as packages or as individual a la carte services. Patriot Shield, (Veteran HempCo’s parent company), has always offered secure hemp storage, nationwide hemp transportation, live camera monitoring, harvest support, and security services, but now we can offer even more!

TONS of Storage Available in Greeley, Colorado

The most immediate of our services that is being expanded upon is secure, climate-controlled storage for our clients’ hemp derivatives, such as biomass and flower. Hempology and Veteran HempCo will be working together in running our brand new 60k square foot facility in Greeley, Colorado. It is outfitted with pallet racks floor to ceiling, and can handle up to 4 million pounds of milled biomass! With storage rates starting at $0.01 per pound per day if the client wants to use the top of the line methods at Hempology for processing, and at $0.03 per pound per day for clients who only want temporary storage.

Top Quality Extraction and Processing

All of our clients who wish to store their biomass with us have the option of having it extracted into crude, processed into distillate, and even made into market-ready products by Hempology’s industry-leading experts (provided that the biomass meets our criteria for extraction and processing). If a farmer doesn’t want to deal with looking for buyers once their biomass has been extracted and processed, we can handle that portion as well, utilizing our massive network of vetted, respectable vendors that our experienced and resourceful sales department works with constantly.

Tolling Options

Since the entire hemp industry is extremely young, we understand that most companies and farms in the space are still in their start-up phases, which usually means cash can be very tight. Veteran HempCo and Hempology can now work together to help farmers by transporting their biomass to our Greeley facility, selling some of the biomass at market value to get some immediate cashflow back in the farmer’s bank, then the rest will go into the storage que to be extracted and processed. Once it has gone through the full process (approximately 60-90 days), the value per pound to the farmer will be far greater, bringing a better overall yield for everyone.

Sales Room Options

If you’re a farmer and you need to store your biomass while you line up different prospective buyers, we can handle showing your product and even bring in other buyers to view it if you want us to. You set your price, and that’s where our sales team will sell it at. We won’t add on a brokerage fee or any kind of upcharge. All of our fees are transparent and openly stated in our storage and sales contracts. This way the farmer has the chance to sell their product as fast as possible and save money on storage costs.

Let’s be honest here, the hemp industry is a complicated marketplace, and many farmers are not familiar enough with the maze to navigate it well. Sadly, many have been taken advantage of in bad deals because they were led to believe it was their best or only option to avoid losing everything. Veteran HempCo and Hempology Partners know these rough waters well, and we are out to set some ethical standards in the hemp industry that allow smaller farms a fair chance to make money off of their hard work and for consumers to know that they are getting a proven, effective, clean CBD product.

Written By: Tom Morton